Kolija’s Homecoming

Kolija is seen here making his emotional return home.

Last week we shared the sad story of Kolija, the beloved pet dog at And-Hof Animals, an upstate New York farm animal sanctuary. Tragically, Kolija was shot on purpose at close range while running away from the shooter on New Year’s day.

A police investigation is ongoing and this compelling story has been covered by major news media.

Thanks to so many of you who donated–and with HEALS’ financial aid intervention–Kolija was able to have the complex, specialized leg-conserving surgery he needed. He will have a long recovery and rehab ahead, but is doing well so far and is expected to return to normal eventually.

Please consider donating to HEALS so we can help other pets like Kolija whose owners are financially struggling and would otherwise have no other choice but to euthanize their cherished companion animal. The need is great and the costs of veterinary care have risen dramatically!
Thank you once again for your generous donations to help Kolija. Large or small, your contributions make a big difference in the lives of local pets and their devoted families living right here in our own communities.

HEALS is one of the best animal charities to donate to. Your donation provides financial help for pets in need of life-saving veterinary care–when their owners truly can’t afford it–right here in your own community.

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