Humans Enriching Animals’ Lives -
Inspired by Our Love of Animals

Our Mission & Vision

Guardian HEALS, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, embraces the following mission:  

  • Help pet owners who qualify for financial assistance obtain the veterinary care they need for their companion animals.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership, especially among children.
  • Keep people and pets together longer by providing veterinary care for at-risk qualifying groups.
  • Senior citizens
  • Developmentally disabled
  • Physically disabled
  • Veterans
  • Owners and handlers of service animals

Addressing the unmet need

When it comes to veterinary services, there’s a huge unmet need among certain underserved populations. HEALS aims to narrow the gap by serving the following groups:  

  • Cases of financial hardship
  • Senior citizens  
  • Developmentally disabled
  • Physically disabled   
  • Veterans
  • Qualified people who own or handle service or therapy animals

Beyond the emotional benefits companion animals provide to their guardians, therapy, and service animals perform essential functions; their owners and handlers are encouraged to apply to our program.

Providing needed services

To qualify for HEALS benefits, pet owners will need to apply and go through a review process to be considered for acceptance into our program. Depending on the nature of the care required and the diagnosis as determined by a veterinarian, medical treatment will be provided at a participating veterinary primary care practice or at a specialty or emergency facility.        

Homeless animals need us too

For homeless animals in need of urgent veterinary care, often the only option is euthanasia since they are likely to be stray, lost, abandoned, abused, or injured without a caregiver to advocate for them. We aim to provide funding for life-saving treatment as we work with animal shelters and rescue groups.   

Strengthening the human-animal bond

Research has confirmed the many physical and emotional benefits pets provide for their caregivers.  Simply put, pets provide companionship, unconditional love, and, in some cases, service and therapy. They have the ability to lower blood pressure, stress, and anxiety levels. They help keep loneliness at bay, especially for the elderly, disabled, and veterans suffering from PTSD. Pets can play an important role in healthy child development. In nursing homes and hospices, pet-assisted therapy is a proven effective tool for enlivening the spirits of the elderly and terminally ill. We don’t need to convince anyone who has owned a pet!

Our Vision

Every pet will receive the veterinary services it needs.

Our goal is to end economic euthanasia and animal surrender due to the inability to pay. We endeavor to keep qualifying owners and their pets together longer so they can enjoy a better quality of life.