Meet Bello, Another HEALS Success Story!

We’re so proud to share the case of beautiful Bello–another HEALS success story! 
Bello is a 10-year-old male Chihuahua. He’s very sweet-tempered and loves children and other dogs. Sadly, Bello was diagnosed with diabetes and he is blind as well. His owners can no longer take care of this special needs pet. Bello requires medication and extra tlc for his lifetime. 
HEALS has provided the medication he needs to a reputable dog rescue group that will foster him until they can find an appropriate new home. 
We’re pleased to be able to make it easier for Bello to move on to new loving owners where all his special needs will be met! 

This is how Bello is doing today--so great--even though he's blind--in his caring foster home. The search for his forever home is still on!

Update on Bello 3-23-2022

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