Success Stories

Brave Bello is Finally Homeward Bound!

Bello has found his forever home ❤️

For those of you who’ve been following us for a little while now, you’ve definitely heard of Bello. Bello is a blind, diabetic chihuahua with a happy-go-lucky disposition and a deep love for life. Bello has been through a lot in the past six months. In November, he was going to be euthanized because his previous owner could not afford the care for his diabetes. HEALS stepped in, and with the help of a foster mom, Jennifer, Bello was given a fresh chance on life.
As Jennifer began trying to re-home Bello, she came across a friendly and knowledgeable potential adopter — Joe. Joe already had three Chihuahuas (one of which was also blind and diabetic) so he ultimately decided he could not take in a fourth. Even though Joe didn’t adopt Bello, he stayed in touch with Jennifer and offered supplies, food, and plenty of treats whenever possible!
A few weeks ago, Bello had a flare-up of diabetes-related pancreatitis. He needed expensive emergency treatment, or he would not survive. After doing everything we could to get the funds together, Joe stepped in a took care of the bill. Little Bello came out of the ICU as happy as ever, and it was then that Joe decided it was time to take Bello in.
Yesterday, Joe drove six hours both ways to pick up his new family member! He brought his trusty companion Fredo (a 21-year-old Chihuahua) along for the journey, and the rest is history. Bello now lives along is three brothers — Fredo, Macho, and Baby Boy. Joe told us that last night, when the boys were getting ready to go to bed, Fredo gave Bello his blanket to help comfort him to sleep.
We’re so happy to have played a role in a story like this with such a happy ending. We’re touched by the kindness of Joe and Jennifer and all they’ve done to give Bello a happy life. ❤️
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Alyne and Miyuki – Another HEALS Success Story!

Miyuki is a seven-month-old Pomeranian that means the absolute world to her mom, Alyne. Unfortunately, Miyuki broke her femur while playing at home recently. The break was so severe that surgery was required to ensure a full recovery. With veterinary bills and the cost of surgery mounting up, the situation wasn’t looking too hopeful for Miyuki. Thankfully, we connected with the two of them and were able to help out with some of the bills.

Miyuki, Alyne’s emotional support animal, is such a young and playful dog, full of energy and love. It means a lot to us to be able to help her get the care she needs to live her life to the fullest.  

We spoke with Alyne and she has reported that the operation went as planned and Miyuki is already at home and back to her normal self. Though the healing process will take some time, Miyuki is expected to make a full recovery, and the two can enjoy each other’s company in the meantime. 

Miyuki and Alyne have a very special bond. Miyuki has helped Alyne through some tough times. In return, Alyne would do anything for her beautiful little pup. We’re humbled to be part of this life-saving process to keep people and pets together longer. We’re incredibly thankful to everyone who has donated to us. Your donations go directly towards helping families just like this one.

More Lives Changed Thanks to HEALS!

Gavroche is a three-year-old French Bulldog who is the center of his loving family’s lives.  A few weeks ago, his family noticed that he was having trouble walking and breathing.  They took him to the Emergency Vet and learned that Gavroche was having problems with his spine.  Things were progressing quickly and emergency surgery was needed in order to save his life. 

Gavroche’s family frantically searched for a way to fund the Surgery, and that’s where Guardian HEALS came into play!  We were able to help fund the surgery and also help to connect Gavroche’s family with other organizations that were able to help as well. 

The surgery was a success and Gavroche has been slowly and steadily improving from his very serious condition.  It is unclear whether or not Gavroche will make a full recovery, but the important part is that he is still here with his loving family. 

It’s absolutely heartwarming to see the lengths his family went to make sure that Gravroche was able to receive the veterinary care he needed, and we are honored to have played any part at all.  

Sweet Wiley Valentine to Receive Life-Changing Surgery Thanks to Guardian HEALS

Sweet Wiley Valentine is heading into surgery today thanks to donors like you!

Wiley is a young, loving puppy.  Soon after adopting him, his family noticed that Wiley seemed to be in pain every once in a while.  Eventually, things intensified and Wiley was taken into the Vet. This lead to a diagnosis of Wobbler’s Disease.  Wobblers Disease is a serious, but curable, condition that effects the spine and neck region of some animals.  It causes pain and loss of coordination and can lead to an overall low quality of life. 

The best option for Wiley was looking like surgery – and Surgery for Wobblers Disease (like most serious veterinary procedures) is not cheap.  Wiley’s family was prepared to do whatever it took to give him the best life possible, and luckily, they found us!  We were able to help push Wiley’s crowdfunding campaign over the edge, and now he’s heading into surgery to get back on the path of living his best life.

There are many other animals in Wiley’s position.  Please consider donating on this giving Tuesday to help save a life ❤️ Follow the link below to donate now.  Even a small donation goes a long way!  


Below is an update from Wiley Valentines owners…

“We have surgery scheduled for Tuesday 11/30!

Turns out the cause of Wiley’s Wobblers Disease is fixable- once a particular ligament is removed, his spinal canal wont be blocked & he wont have pain or the condition anymore! Soon he’ll be able to go back to playing, jumping, and being his best cute active self.

Its now clear he can live a long active happy life and you’ve been a part of helping us get to this place- thank you!!”

Daisy’s Story

Daisy is the therapy dog for a special-needs teenager. She was hit by a car in a back-up accident. Daisy was at death’s door, suffering from life-threatening injuries and multiple wounds.

She had to undergo multiple surgeries, which her family couldn’t afford.

Guardian HEALS stepped in to help cover the costs and save Daisy’s life. Help save the lives of other pets like Daisy by donating to HEALS.