–  What you need to think about before making that forever purchase – 

(Brewster, NY)  How much is that doggy in the window? What could be a better holiday gift–a puppy or a kitty cat!  Dr. Jason Berg, DMV, DACVIM, Chairman of the Board of of Guardian HEALS, and founder of Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster NY, feels strongly that that people who are thinking of getting a pet for the holidays need to put time into this decision before deciding to add a furry friend to the family. This is a huge holiday gift purchase as well as a financial and emotional commitment for up to twenty years.  
Dr. Berg says move slowly and think about the following:
  • Are you and/or your family ready for a pet? 
  • What age dog is best for you and/or the family
  • Depending on the size of your apartment or house what size dog would be most appropriate?
  • Is there a backyard or will the dog need to be walked?
  • Is adoption, breeder or local pet store the way to go?
  • What are the financial implications that are involved with pet ownership?
  • What is involved in preparing for a new pet and taking care of a pet in the long term
  • Who will be responsible for pet care/walks/feeding during the day?
  • What are the pros and cons of purchasing a pet insurance plan?  
  • No one ever wants anything to go wrong with their new family member, but it happens – when to seek emergency veterinary care. 
  • Be aware of the signs of parvovirus, a serious disease that can affect puppies. 
  • Traveling with pets or boarding them – how to decide, prepare and prevent contagious diseases. 
“There is nothing better than adding a dog or cat to our lives, but there are so many people out there who are dealing with emotional and financial distress,” says Dr. Berg. “Guardian HEALS was founded because many people can’t afford the veterinary care and the financial surprises of having a pet.  But, oftentimes, it’s a surprise because instead of researching the responsibilities of pet ownership, it may be a spontaneous purchase or adoption and people may not realize this is a long-term commitment.” 
Guardian HEALS  is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to saving pets’ lives by helping owners pay for essential veterinary care when they can’t afford it. 

Guardian HEALS, a charitable 501c3 organization, was established in 2020 with the mission to end economic euthanasia and animal surrender due to an inability to pay.  HEALS endeavors to keep pet owners who qualify for financial assistance and their pets together longer so they can enjoy a better quality of life. The non-profit was started because of a universal love of animals and an appreciation of the special sustaining bond that develops between pets and their owners.  Guardian HEALS will be working with veterinary partners in New York – Bronx, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange and Dutchess Counties; Connecticut – Fairfield County and New Jersey – Bergen County.  For more info. go to

Sweet Wiley Valentine to Receive Life-Changing Surgery Thanks to Guardian HEALS

Sweet Wiley Valentine is heading into surgery today thanks to donors like you!

Wiley is a young, loving puppy.  Soon after adopting him, his family noticed that Wiley seemed to be in pain every once in a while.  Eventually, things intensified and Wiley was taken into the Vet. This lead to a diagnosis of Wobbler’s Disease.  Wobblers Disease is a serious, but curable, condition that effects the spine and neck region of some animals.  It causes pain and loss of coordination and can lead to an overall low quality of life. 

The best option for Wiley was looking like surgery – and Surgery for Wobblers Disease (like most serious veterinary procedures) is not cheap.  Wiley’s family was prepared to do whatever it took to give him the best life possible, and luckily, they found us!  We were able to help push Wiley’s crowdfunding campaign over the edge, and now he’s heading into surgery to get back on the path of living his best life.

There are many other animals in Wiley’s position.  Please consider donating on this giving Tuesday to help save a life ❤️ Follow the link below to donate now.  Even a small donation goes a long way!  


Below is an update from Wiley Valentines owners…

“We have surgery scheduled for Tuesday 11/30!

Turns out the cause of Wiley’s Wobblers Disease is fixable- once a particular ligament is removed, his spinal canal wont be blocked & he wont have pain or the condition anymore! Soon he’ll be able to go back to playing, jumping, and being his best cute active self.

Its now clear he can live a long active happy life and you’ve been a part of helping us get to this place- thank you!!”

HEALS Makes Headlines in the Westchester Business Journal

Guardian HEALS (Humans Enriching Animals Lives), a new nonprofit organization in White Plains, dedicated to saving pets’ lives by helping owners pay for essential veterinary care when they can’t afford it.

Source: Westchester Business Journal

Meet Bello, Another HEALS Success Story!

We’re so proud to share the case of beautiful Bello–another HEALS success story! 
Bello is a 10-year-old male Chihuahua. He’s very sweet-tempered and loves children and other dogs. Sadly, Bello was diagnosed with diabetes and he is blind as well. His owners can no longer take care of this special needs pet. Bello requires medication and extra tlc for his lifetime. 
HEALS has provided the medication he needs to a reputable dog rescue group that will foster him until they can find an appropriate new home. 
We’re pleased to be able to make it easier for Bello to move on to new loving owners where all his special needs will be met! 

This is how Bello is doing today--so great--even though he's blind--in his caring foster home. The search for his forever home is still on!

Update on Bello 3-23-2022

Our First Patient! HEALS Saved Pippi’s Life.

We’re thrilled to announce our very first case–Pippi–we’ve saved her life!  

Pippi is a beautiful seven-year-old Papillon pooch. Her family veterinarian diagnosed her with calcium stones. A serious, complex surgery, performed by a specialist surgeon, was her only chance to be restored to good health. 

Guardian HEALS approved her concerned owner’s financial application and made it possible for Pippi to receive the life-saving care she needed. She’s on the road to recovery today. 

We’re so pleased to be in the position to help this sweet pet!